Nomenclature of Amides

Amides have the R-CO(NR'R") grouping. There are three types of amides (primary, secondary and tertiary) (recommendation C-821.1).

nomenclatura de amidas IUPAC primarias secundarias terciarias

The most common are monoacylamides, which are named after the hydrocarbon with the same number of carbons followed by the -amide termination. If the nitrogen atom is attached to an alkyl group, the name of the radical is preceded by N (recommendations C-823 and C-824). Another possibility is to name them as acid derivatives with a common name ending in amide.

nomenclatura de amidas IUPAC pentanamida succinamida ciclopentacarboxamida N,N-dimetilacetamida

When group –CONH2 acts as a substituent, the prefix carbamoyl is used. If on the other hand RCONH- is the main group, it is named by changing the suffix -amide to carboxamide.

nomenclatura de amidas IUPAC grupo carbamoil carboxamida

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