nihonio nihomio

Nihonium is named after the Japanese word nihon, meaning Japan. The first metallic element, nihonium, was first detected in 2003 by teams studying the artificial element muscovium. In 2004, Kozuka Morita and a team of scientists at the RIKEN Nuclear Research Center in Japan isolated this element in a different way: they fused atoms of bismuth and zinc.

Summary of properties (Nh)

Atomic weight[286]
Discoverer (year)desconocido (1998)
Natural form- (-)
Electron configuration[Rn] 5f 14 6d10 7s2 7p1
Melting point (ºC)
Boiling point (ºC)
Abundance in earth's crust (ppm)synthetic
Isotope (abundance)
Density g/cm3
Van der Waals radius (pm)
Covalent radius (pm)136
Electronegativity (Pauling)
Vaporization enthalpy (kJ/mol)-
Enthalpy of fusion (kJ/mol)-
Specific heat capacity (J/g·K) at 25ºC and 1 atm-
Thermal conductivity (W/cm·K) at 25ºC and 1 atm-
Oxidation state
Electron affinity (eV)
1st Ionization potential (eV)

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